Customer Focus
Customer Focus
Excellent Execution
Excellent Execution

I am honest and trustworthy, and others count on me to do what’s right.

  • I follow through on personal commitments and promises
  • I ensure organizational commitments are honored
  • I look out for others, even in their absence
  • I accept responsibility for accurate reporting of information and results

I know that serving the needs of the 7‑Eleven customer is my #1 priority.

  • I listen so that I can understand the changing needs of the customer
  • I deliver excellence to customers, exceeding their expectations
  • I make decisions in the best interests of the customer
  • I continuously find ways to improve customer service

I understand what is expected of me and accept responsibility to get the job done.

  • I hold myself and others accountable for actions and results
  • I take ownership of obstacles and opportunities
  • I raise the bar on performance and do not accept mediocrity or complacency
  • I voice my ideas to solve problems and improve the business

I recognize and praise those who achieve and excel.

  • I show sincere appreciation for the achievements of others
  • I recognize and celebrate team accomplishments
  • I ensure others receive appropriate credit for their contributions
  • I am humble and accept praise graciously

I expect the best and strive to exceed expectations.

  • I ensure business processes and systems are efficient and well executed
  • I proactively identify obstacles and address them with a sense of urgency
  • I actively challenge the status quo to improve the organization
  • I make timely, sound decisions, after analyzing the key facts and impact on people
  • I support organization plans and change and help others do the same

I do all I can to support others and help them succeed.

  • I value all team members and respect our differences
  • I am courageous in delivering honest communications and feedback
  • I view mistakes and setbacks as learning opportunities
  • I demonstrate proficiency in my role and commit to ongoing development
  • I build talent by developing capabilities in others

I am part of a larger team with a common purpose – to serve the customer.

  • I support our franchisees and help them succeed
  • I break down silos and collaborate to achieve the best results
  • I put the needs of the team ahead of my own
  • I manage conflict constructively and encourage differing viewpoints

    We Strive to Be the Best

    We Have Absolutely No Doubt. To Be the Best Retailer, We Must Also Be the Best Employer.

    Each person in the vast 7‑Eleven family of professionals knows he or she counts – really counts – is genuinely respected, and will be given every opportunity to succeed and advance. Currently, 7‑Eleven is home to approximately 20,700 U.S. and Canadian full- and part-time corporate and operations employees who recognize, as we do, that a combination of effective teamwork, great friendships, and selfless service will enhance our company’s position as leader of the convenience industry.

    What is Servant Leadership?

    We believe that to be effective leaders at 7‑Eleven, we must think about the needs of our customers and our teams before we tend to our own needs.

    We call this Servant Leadership, and it's the foundation of everything we do here. As Servant Leaders, we are guided by seven core values that we live by every day.

    These values help us serve our customers, our teams and our communities. They are the heart of 7‑Eleven and what makes us who we are.